Student life

Life beyond studying


Your time at college or university should be more than just studying; living in Cyprus has a great many benefits in this regard. The weather plays a huge role of course, as it’s almost always good. As well as having a positive effect on your wellbeing, this opens up a whole host of potential activities for your leisure time, particularly if you like the outdoors.

The great outdoors

With its unique combination of golden coasts, warm blue seas and high wooded mountains, Cyprus can offer a whole range of water sports, mountain sports and everything in between. These include diving, sailing, wind surfing, water skiing, climbing, hiking, mountain biking and yes, even skiing – in snow!

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University-led activities

University clubs and organisations bring students together for a broad range of academic, sporting and recreational activities. Excellent facilities are available at each institution, to accommodate activities such as music, chess, theatre and photography, sports like basketball, tennis, running and martial arts, and many more.

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Fun and culture

Cyprus has a rich diary of cultural events, covering music, art, theatre, cinema, food and drink, as well as events steeped in local culture and tradition. The Wine Festival and the Limassol Carnival are two of the most famous of these.

Safety & security

Cyprus has an excellent reputation for being safe and friendly, with crime and violent crime in particular being, comparatively, low.
All emergency services (police, fire brigade and ambulance) can be contacted by dialling 112 from any phone (free of charge). English is widely spoken by emergency services staff, and their quick response and helpfulness are well-documented.