Cyprus International Institute of Management

CIIM – The Cyprus International Institute of Management is a non-profit international business school established in 1990 by a group of business leaders and a team of prominent academics representing some of the world’s top business schools. Our aim has been to draw on the best teachers in graduate management education irrespective of location and make their talent and experience available in Cyprus.

To accomplish its mission, CIIM has pioneered the modular educational model. This gives our programmes exceptional flexibility, enabling students to focus on a specific subject within short yet intensive time periods. This grants a freedom of choice that is particularly suited to the needs of the working student.


To empower people to take control of their lives and become a force for beneficial change through transformative learning, innovative research and conscious impact on society. Three concrete tasks emanate from this mission:

  • To enable our graduates to realize their full potential and create value through a transformative learning experience in leadership, management, and entrepreneurship
  • To impact their associates and immediate environments, as well as, key sectors and institutions in a manner that will make for an open economy and society, linked to the rest of the world
  • To challenge the status quo by innovating, creating, disseminating and applying knowledge to solve real-world problems.


To become a premier management university as a catalyst for innovation and change, known and chosen for the quality, relevance and value creation of its programmes, its transformative culture, and the effectiveness of its teaching and learning methods in addressing and solving real-world problems.


Tel. : +357 22 462 246 (Nicosia)
Tel. : +357 25 878 782 (Limassol)
Tel. :  77 77 24 46 (Main Operator)


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