Study FAQs

Studying in Cyprus – Frequently Asked Questions

1. What kind of institutions provide higher education in Cyprus?

Cyprus has eight fully accredited universities, and ten colleges.

2. What qualifications can I gain studying in Cyprus?

The institutions offer a range of qualifications including: Bachelors, Masters, MBA, Doctoral, Diplomas and Higher Diplomas.

3. How long does it take to complete a study programme?

This depends on the programme and on the student. On average programmes take between 2-6 years. The modular nature of many of the programmes, means students can take more time to complete them (for financial or personal reasons for instance). 

4. Who can apply to study in Cyprus?

Higher education institutions in Cyprus welcome applications from students anywhere in the world, and from all walks of life. Students are expected to have the academic prerequisites for the programme they wish to study as well as relevant administrative documentation like visas, health insurance and so on.

5. What language are the courses conducted in?

The vast majority of programmes are taught in English. There are also some courses that are taught in Greek.

6. Are degrees awarded by Cyprus institutions recognised in other countries?

Yes. All degrees and diplomas awarded in Cyprus are fully accredited and recognised by European and other institutions globally.

7. I’m not sure my English is good enough. Can I still study in Cyprus?

The institutions require an English language qualification in order for students to begin their programmes of study. If you do not have this, many of the institutions offer English language courses to help you gain the necessary language skills, prior to beginning your studies.