Postgraduate Programs of the Nursing Department of CUT

The Nursing Department of the Cyprus University of Technology announces a Master's program in Advanced Nursing and Health Care in four directions:
Advanced Emergency and Intensive Care
Advanced Emergency and Intensive care with specialization in cardiology
Advanced Nursing and Health Care in the Community
Advanced Nursing Oncology
The aim of the program is to prepare nurses (and related health professionals), to high-level clinical practice in the roles of the clinical nurse / health professional, advanced clinical nurse, as well as the preparation of health professionals for doctoral studies. The public university offers a unique program in the field of health in Cyprus in Advanced Nursing and Health Care.
Additionally, it announces a Master's Degree Program in Psychiatry Nursing - Nursing Mental Health.
The aim of the program is to strengthen the student of Psychiatry-Nursing Mental Health in order to acquire the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes for effective, safe and qualitative exercise of Nursing Mental Health, both in the community structures and in the hospital, with adult and child / teen services.

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