Diploma evaluation

Diploma Evaluation

If you need information about having your previously gained qualifications recognised in Cyprus, you can contact The Cyprus Council of Recognition of higher Education Qualifications: KYSATS
KYSATS is the authority of the Republic of Cyprus for the recognition of higher education qualifications.
The authority recognises qualifications, such as degrees, diplomas or certificates, which are issued by recognised higher education institutions or by institutions with educationally evaluated and/or accredited programmes.
It also acts as the Education National Information Centre. It is an independent body which is funded and administratively supported by the Ministry of Education and Culture.
KYSATS is a member of the National Academic Recognition Information Centres (NARIC), of the European Network of National Information Centres on academic recognition and mobility (ENIC), and also of the Mediterranean Recognition Information Centres (MERIC) networks.
You can visit their site at:
KYSATS or contact them at info@kysats.ac.cy