Basic requirements

Make sure you’re ready to study in Cyprus

Choosing what and where you’re going to study are pretty big decisions. Once you’ve made them, it’s also important to make sure you get the details right; like having the right visa, appropriate health insurance and recognised English language qualifications.
We’re here to make sure you have these things covered, just click the links to get started.


Visas (EU nationals)

Students who are European Union nationals may travel freely to Cyprus using their passport or ID. They are, however, required to submit an Application for Issue of Residence Permit to the Migration Department within four months of their date of entry into the Republic of Cyprus. You can find more information about the Residence Permit

Visas (Non-EU nationals)

Overseas students from non-European Union countries, must obtain a visa for their entry to Cyprus. Once you are accepted in an educational institution, you can submit the acceptance letter, including a description of the specific programme of studies and its duration, so the visa process can proceed. You can find more information about all required documents

Health Insurance

Students who are EU nationals are required to have health insurance coverage or alternatively the EU Hospitalisation Card. All non-EU students are obliged by Migration Department regulations to have health insurance coverage. This medical insurance must be renewed with each annual registration.

Language requirements

In most educational institutions study programmes are offered in English and Greek. If you are not a native Greek speaker, it is essential to speak, write and read English at a satisfactory level. You must have passed an English language test. IELTS, TOEFL, GCSE, are commonly accepted, but institutions may accept other tests as well, like Cambridge Exams and Michigan Examination. The required scores may vary by institution. A certain number of undergraduate and graduate programmes are taught in Greek. Students on these programmes are not required to meet the English Language Proficiency requirements.