Professors of the University of Cyprus among the most influential scientists in the world

For another year, academics from the University of Cyprus are included in the list of the 6,000 most influential scientists in the world. This is the "The Highly Cited Researchers" list of 2018 (Clarivate Analytics) and includes scientifically published papers ranked in the top 1% with most reports for the period from 2006 to 2016. The data used to analyse and select high-level researchers come from ESI, which are derived from 140,990 articles and research papers of high impact. Each of these research papers is ranked among the top 1% of articles with the largest number of other references for each year. It is noted that the number of researchers in the world is 9 million.
The Dean of the School of Medicine, Professor of Cardiology Gerasimos Filippatos and Associate Professor Ioannis Krikidis are included in the list this year, and Deputy Professor of the Department of Civil Engineering and Environmental Engineering, Despo Fatta-Kassinou, was added. It is noted that this is the first time that a Cypriot female scientist is included in this list.
The main criterion for the selection of scientists / academics of the University of Cyprus was the range of their publications and the impact they had on the world in the scientific community. Scientists are divided by category, depending on the science and the type of their research, and the main criterion is the frequency of using their research as a source by scientists’ colleagues worldwide.
The Dean of the Medical School, Professor of Cardiology, Gerasimos Filippatos, was distinguished in the field of Clinical Medicine, Deputy Professor Ioannis Krikidis of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering in Computer Science, while Deputy Professor Despo Fatta in Cross Field (i.e. the impact of the project is more than one field / domain combined).
Rector of the University of Cyprus, Professor Tasos Christofides, stated that the inclusion of his academic staff in the list reveals the quality of his human potential and the significant impact its work and research has on the international research community. "I congratulate all three colleagues who have distinguished each one in the scientific fields of their interest. Although a new university, our publications and research have a resonance. "